Amazon is shipping animal cruelty into 300 million homes around the world, but activists are rising up to take on this corporate giant.

Why Target Amazon?

  • Amazon sells products that are illegal for animal cruelty.

    Amazon sells fur coats that have been banned in cities like San Francisco because of the brutal mistreatment of animals including dogs. For some of these furs, hundreds of chinchillas are killed just to make one coat. Amazon also sells cockfighting gear, even though cockfighting is illegal in every single US state, and the company sells foie gras, the fattened liver of force-fed ducks and geese, which is illegal in states like California.

    Amazon says it is “committed to a lawful and ethical” business, and you’ll see all sorts of wonderful marketing slogans on their "cage-free" eggs and "humane" meat. But DxE has investigated Amazon’s suppliers and found criminal animal cruelty time and time again. The public deserves to see the truth behind Amazon's "humane" lies.

  • Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world.

    Amazon ships an estimated 1.6 million packages out every single day to their customer base of over 300 million homes. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is the richest man on the planet. Environmental and animal rights groups have repeatedly reached out to this massive company with concerns, but Amazon has consistently ignored them and shown zero accountability.

  • Amazon is taking over.

    Amazon recently purchased Whole Foods for nearly $14 billion dollars, and now the company is making a huge push to ship animal products right to people’s doorsteps. It’s called Amazon Fresh, and they want people to be able to buy everything from foie gras to veal in one click. Amazon is making it easier than ever to pay for animal cruelty. Online grocery sales are predicted to capture 20% of total grocery retail by 2025. And as Amazon continues to take over the grocery market, their one-click-cruelty has the potential to change the very way we think of grocery shopping.

  • We're not calling for a boycott of Amazon. Although you may personally choose to boycott, what we urgently need is to take direct action to expose Amazon’s crime.


For years, whistleblowers have been exposing Amazon’s crimes.

Sunrise Farms

Sunrise Farms supplies eggs under the Clover brand, which is sold on Amazon and at Whole Foods. Amazon claims these eggs are “cage-free” and “American Humane Certified”, but activists found deceased and rotting hens along with thousands of others crammed into wire cages suffering from cannibalism and respiratory distress.


Activists have investigated Smithfield farms in California, Utah and North Carolina. While Smithfield claimed they eliminated gestation crates from their farms, activists found no evidence of the transition and instead found pigs languishing in their own feces and covered in sores from rubbing against crate bars. Smithfield products are sold on Amazon under various labels.


Activists investigated Zonneveld Dairy in Central California, supplier to Land O’ Lakes and Amazon. They found hundreds of small hutches, each holding one isolated baby cow with no access to bedding or any stimulation. Some of the calves had already passed away, while others were covered in diarrhea and were being eaten alive by maggots.


Despite the company’s claims of being “thoughtfully raised”, an investigation of Diestel Turkey Ranch revealed injured and diseased turkeys trapped in their own feces who had never been allowed outdoors. Diestel products are sold on Amazon and at Whole Foods.

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